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Slimlab Tight n Tone One-A-Day

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Product Details
Brand: Slimlab Science of Slimming

Tight 'n Tone™ One-a-Day Tablets is a dietary supplement designed to assist in effective fat and weight loss management. Ingredients are of natural origin and are uniquely combined to enhance the processes involved with fat and weight loss.

Some of the ingredients have anti-ageing properties and reported to have a very positive toning effect on the skin - causing a tightening of the skin.

- Fat loss
- Weight management
- Excess water retention relief
- Improved energy levels
- Tightening of the Skin
- Reduced Cellulite
- Blood sugar control
- Ideal for diabetics

Taken once-a-day as a dietary supplement with beauty and weight management benefits.

Refer to Package Insert:
NAPPI CODE 715288-001
MBR Ref. no. 143247

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