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All Immune Boosters are not the same - Pro V Guard™ Immune Modulator is an Everyday Protector™

Specifically formulated to protect the body against viruses and bacteria associated with flu, disease and bad health.

When taken everyday like a multi-vitamin, Pro V Guard™ Immune Modulator will ensure that your Immune System and General Health is primed so that you can go ahead and enjoy Life!


We firmly believe that establishing and maintaining optimum health requires a new approach to how health services are delivered to members of a health and hospital cover plan. The i360 Health Protector Plan™ was developed to deliver a state-of-the-art scientifically developed online health assessment and diagnostic solution, called i360 Medi-Analytics™, to evaluate each individual member’s health status. This solution will measure and monitor each member’s health progress over time with scheduled interval i360 Blood-Test™ testing.

The i360 Health Protector Plan™ will be delivered through a preventative measure, prescriptions maintenance plan via health clinics, pharmacies and the i360 Life Medical Centres™, supported by our custom i360 Hospital Cover™ Plans. Monthly premiums will include your i360 Pharma Innovation™ prescribed neutraceuticals to help you maintain optimum health all year round. It is all online making it easy and affordable. You save time, money and stay in control. As a registered member, you will qualify for discounts on the entire range of i360 Pharma Innovation™ products.

Ready to find out more?


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