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SLIMLAB™ Sweet 'n Tone Pro Slim & Weight Loss Sweetener with extracts of honey


SWEET N TONE™ is a pro slim and weight loss sweetener

Serving Size: 150 mg

Servings per Container: 500 Approx. 4 month supply Contains Extracts from Honey Ideal for Diabetics & Weight Loss

It is a dietary sweetener formulated and clinically aligned to assist with effective weight loss as part of a weight management program. The unique combination will assist the body in utilizing carbohydrates and stored fat for energy. Some of the ingredients have been shown to control appetite and reduce cravings. It is suitable and ideal to assist with weight loss in individuals suffering from Type I and Type II diabetes.

ASPARTAME FREE It is aspartame free.


Sweet ‘n Tone™ contains a natural extract of honey, thus having a naturally sweet taste with a hint of a honey smell to it. It is an excellent non-cariogenic sugar replacement option. However, it is safe for people allergic to honey.

LOW GI Sweet ‘n Tone™ contains very Low Glycaemic Indexed (low GI) Carbohydrates that, once ingested, will decrease the amplitude of insulin response in the blood stream. Sweet ‘n Tone is absorbed at a much slower rate than compared to that of other simpler sugars, thus rendering more stable blood sugar levels sustained over longer periods of time. High blood glucose peaks, followed by sudden blood sugar drops, are alleviated by the use of Sweet ‘n Tone, leading to more stable blood insulin levels. The nett effect is that of more balanced and prolonged stable blood sugar levels in general. High insulin levels hinder the utilisation of blood fats as a source of energy during prolonged training intervals.

MORE FAT BURNED FOR ENERGY By using Sweet ‘n Tone's insulin response-lowering effect, fat oxidation is increased, leading to more blood fats utilised as an energy source. Weight- and fat loss will be enhanced when the use of Sweet ‘n Tone™ is combined with regular exercise and a balanced, calorie-restricted diet.

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What's in the box Container with 150 gram white powder

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