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TRUNAD+ Age Better

Reapian Medical TRUNAD+ is a supplement that is formulated with the most scientifically studied and clinically aligned supernutrients that target the 73 trillion plus cells in your body to elevate your NAD levels. Scan the QR code for more information.


A fundamental requirement to develop a truly effective NAD supplement is an in-depth understanding of the biochemistry of Telomeres and the role they play in controlling metabolic processes in the human body. Our team of scientists has identified and developed a method how to perform extractions to amplify and quantify Telomere lengths in your chromosomes from dry blood spot samples as part of the 360 Health Protector Program - visit for more information.

TRUNAD+ Defends Your Cells’ Health & Boosts NAD+. Backed by numerous published research studies, the combination of supernutrients in TRUNAD+ is foundational to improving your cellular health. It is data drive medical technology and the TRUNAD+ supernutrient complex is a gold standard NAD+ booster formula with patented hydroxycinnamic acid extracts. NAD+ is vital for supporting basic cellular functions necessary for you to live. NAD+ is vital to cells’ normal function and resilience. Support your cellular health with TRUNAD+, the most efficient and safest way to elevate the NAD+ levels in your body.


Promoting cellular health can have many positive effects on your daily routine. It will assist with everything from sustained energy throughout the day to overall improvements in general well-being. Each experience is different because each person is different. Ultimately, what you feel and how long it takes depends on your cells' needs. TRUNAD+ is clinically aligned to significantly elevate cellular NAD levels. TRUNAD+ is targeted to increase your NAD levels. The ingredients are backed by multiple published and ongoing clinical trials**. The addition of the patented CurCousin Calebin A Extract to the formula has numerous health-advancing benefits. It has been shown to play a vital role in the down-regulation of the expression of proteins involved in tumor cell survival, proliferation, inflammation, and metastasis. It thus plays a major role in preventing the spread of cancer.

Furthermore, Calebin A inhibited the growth and induced the death of a wide variety of tumor cells, as examined by various assays. It also enhanced apoptosis (the death) of cancer cells induced by chemotherapeutic agents, showcasing it to be a very effective cancer-preventing agent**.

The unique combination of ingredients provides the cells with more NAD+, giving them more fuel, and more energy. Your cells will function much better, live much longer, and stay healthy. This elevated NAD+ greatly improves the body's ability to reduce its circulating free radical load. By decreasing free radicals in the body, leads to less inflammation and thus premature aging and death of cells. TRUNAD+ Complex also increases the levels of Glutathione, the most important endogenous antioxidant in the human body. Certain amino acids included in TRUNAD+ Complex have proven anti-aging effects on cells as well as collagen protection and thus skin anti-wrinkle benefits. It also helps to activate enzymes involved in the detoxification of the liver but may provide protection against metal toxicity and skin damage by ultraviolet exposure. Resveratrol plays a vital role in Phase ll liver detoxification, as well as numerous other advantages. The TRUNAD+ Complex also has beneficial effects on blood sugar and weight regulation**.

Health and age-related conditions that TRUNAD+ help to address is

  • Epigenetic distortions

  • Altered intercellular communication

  • Deregulated nutrient sensing

  • Telomere shortening

  • Metabolic imbalance

  • Sperm activity and motility

  • Stem cell exhaustion

  • Loss of proteostasis

  • Cellular senescence

  • Restful Sleep


For more product information - view product documentation here.

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PubMed research article, please click here.

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